Do you ever wonder if you are paying too much for your monthly spend on your Telephone Lines, Long Distance, Toll Free, Internet services and or Equipment Maintenance costs?  If you do ever question your monthly spend at no cost we will analyses these bills and recommend some options and or alternatives that will likely save you money!  We may even be able to help streamline your services and billing!

If you think your business is in a position where you may need to add additional Telephone lines to accommodate increased voice traffic or upgrade your existing analog (copper) Telephone lines or POTS to a larger and more flexible technology such as a PRI (Primary Rate Interface) with Direct In Dial numbers (DIDs) we can certainly help!  Even if you are considering the jump to the latest VoIP Telephone lines more properly called SIP Trunks (Session Initiation Protocol) then we can certainly help with this too.  We have even helped numerous businesses upgrade their High Speed Internet services in order to help clients meet the more demanding bandwidth requirements with new technologies such as VoIP, Cloud Communications, Aps, Cloud Back-Up, Data Storage, etc.

Long Distance Toll Fraud!  Are you protected?

Businesses throughout North America continue to become victims of Long Distance Toll Fraud leading to unexpected Long Distance costs being charged on your Telephone bill.  Hackers, for lack of better terms will utilize a variety of techniques and tricks that allow them to get access to your Telephone Lines ie., through your Telephone and or Voice Mail systems and software.  Some culprits have even been apprehended at the street while simply connecting to the copper lines inside the Bell posts at the street.  

At MSC we have a series of programming steps that we perform on the Telephone system hardware and recommendations we make to our customers that will help them with their providers in order to “help” prevent this from happening to them.