Our approach

Whether looking into VoIP or a traditional Key Telephone system, we are continually working with our Customers, Manufactures, Dealers, Technicians and Service Providers to arrive at the best solutions available.  At MSC we will always make sure our clients get the most out of their equipment whether it’s 20 years old or the very latest.


Step 1 - We do a full analysis of all Telecommunications services including Telephone lines, Long Distance and 1-800 numbers to make sure that our customers are getting the most competitive rates available to them and not being charged for any unnecessary or redundant services.  Then we compare the existing Telecommunications costs to VoIP services. 

Step 2 - See if any of the equipment and features of the existing Telephone & Voice Mail system can be utilized to accomplish our customers’ requirements.

Step 3 – Design potentially a few system options together with the customer and thoroughly review all capabilities, benefits and even any shortfalls.  Again, because we have several different system offerings between Avaya, Toshiba, NEC, Panasonic or even legacy Nortel/Norstar/Meridian/BCM and even a couple of Cloud/VoIP solutions we are not shy about reviewing the price, pros and cons of all options so that you know exactly what you are getting with NO surprises!

Step 4 – Installation Design Meeting (IDM).

Before the installation date we work with our clients to review several features and capabilities of the new system, extension list, greetings, mail boxes, training timing and even how it will behave in a way that is best for their business and daily dynamics.  Once this is complete our Technicians will preprogram a majority of the system in our Shop so that we are already ahead of the game before we even arrive on site.

Step 5 – System Rollout and Training!

Give us a call at (905) 967-0830 and we would be happy to chat about your needs in more detail. Or send us a message.