At MSC, we are proud to provide the very best hardware and software in the industry. Whether you are still using the old and faithful Nortel/Meridian or other systems or have or want to implement the latest technologies and utilize Mobility Apps on your Smartphone, Table or PC/Laptops, we have done all the research, tested all the systems - and have implemented countless hardware and software solutions from the following vendors.


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is essentially running your Telephone system and or Telephone lines over the Internet and connecting the equipment via the existing or new office LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network).

Do you have several office locations that need to be in contact with one another often or want the ability to seamlessly transfer calls transferred from one location to another or connect to your staff seamlessly whether they work from home or are on the road frequently; do you need a centralized reception for multiple offices; do your Telephone & Long Distance bills seem outrageous?

Under these circumstances we save thousands of dollars for many of our clients with a predictable monthly cost based on a pooled resource allocation that allows for maximum savings without compromising calling patterns.  When deploying and or servicing our systems we can even work with your existing IT partners if you prefer or we can deploy our own Technicians!

If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions then perhaps VoIP is worth looking into. Contact us and we can walk you through a simple analysis and ask all the right questions.

Full VoIP or Hybrid

When considering VoIP it is extremely important to do your homework and make sure all aspects are examined to ensure reliable connectivity and support.  A thorough network analysis must be completed to make sure all Hardware including Cabling, Switches, Modems, Routers, Wireless Access Points (WAPs), etc are in place and configured correctly to coexist with VoIP while ensuring Quality Of Service (QoS).  Internet Bandwidth and VPN connections must be sufficient to support the additional internet traffic so that you do not experience “dropped” or poor-quality calls i.e. “wind tunnel sounding, Tinny or underwater conversations.  You may even want to set up a dedicated Network and or High Speed connection for the VoIP solution.

Sometimes a Hybrid VoIP solution is best where we will strategically implement a combination of the traditional Analogue technology with VoIP, maximizing efficiency and reliability!

MSC is a fully-authorized Sales and Service dealer of Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Cloud systems and Sessions Internet Protocol (SIP) Telephone lines enabling us to offer a wide variety of solutions and service options best-suited to meet our customers’ needs and budget.

Analogue Phone Systems

Analogue or traditional Key systems have been the lifeline of most businesses around the world for over 30 years!  Traditional manufactures such as the old Tie, Meritor, Lucent or the more recent Norstar Meridian (Nortel), Toshiba, Avaya and Samsung were and still are all great, reliable systems and it is not uncommon to find the “main box” or Key Service Unit (KSU) in almost any environment ie, the broom closet, mechanic shop or basement and they would simply keep working with little or no maintenance required and at minimal cost.  It is very common to see systems such as these that have been in place for over 20 years and are still working perfectly!

It’s quite surprising how often we’ve had calls from people who think they need a new system because their current one is antiquated when all they really need is someone to show them how to get the most out of this system.  Occasionally these system can also be expanded and or updated in order to accommodate some or all of the newer features and or technologies.  At MSC our motto is “If it ain't brokedon't fix it”! 

So when shopping for a new Telecommunications solution do not rule out Avaya, Toshiba, Panasonic among others are still industry leaders and are frequently developing new Hardware and Software in order to continue to offer strong and reliable solutions in the Telecommunications industry!

Please feel free to call us to find out what we can do to support your legacy systems.